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Eros International Signs Co-Production Deal with Leading Turkish Film Company Pana Film

ISLE OF MAN, United Kingdom--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jun. 19, 2017-- Eros International plc. (NYSE:EROS) ("Eros" or the "Company"), a leading global film company in the Indian film entertainment industry, has announced two Indo-Turkish co-productions with Pana Film, one of the largest Turkish film studios. Pana Film is owned by leading Turkish actor Necati Şaşmaz, who is best known for playing the lead role of Polat Alemdar in Turkey’s most popular television series Kurtlar Vadisi (Valley of the Wolves).

With proposed A-list actors from India and Turkey, including Necati Şaşmaz himself, both films will be collaborative with shoot venues and crews from both countries. Original stories blending Indian and Turkish cultures will be conceptualized and developed by Eros’ in-house writers along with top Turkish writers, and both films will be bilingual.

Commenting on the Indo-Turkish co-productions, Kishore Lulla, Chairman, Eros International said, “We are honored to associate with a powerhouse entity like Pana Film. Following our pioneering Indo-China joint production initiatives, we continue to expand the scope of Indian films internationally with our exciting Turkish collaboration. With our similar cultures, we want to tell stories with a mainstream appeal that transcend language and geographical boundaries. We hope our Indo-Turkish productions will pave the way to open one of the significant regions in the world and reach out to fans across the two countries and the Middle East to North African regions.”

Necati Şaşmaz added, “Pana Film greatly values this exciting partnership with Eros International. Our common goal is to build a cultural bridge between both regions. With our Indian collaboration, we aim to expand our presence and tell new stories that can bring Indian and Turkish audiences together. Pana Film and Eros International will make history together as the co-producers of the first Indo-Turkish feature films, which will open new doors and provide endless opportunities for everyone involved with filmmaking. We consider this only the beginning of a new era and cannot wait for our fans to see the result of this successful partnership.”

About Eros International Plc

Eros International Plc (NYSE: EROS) is a leading global company in the Indian film entertainment industry that acquires, co-produces and distributes Indian films across all available formats such as cinema, television and digital new media. Eros International Plc became the first Indian media company to list on the New York Stock Exchange. Eros International has experience of over three decades in establishing a global platform for Indian cinema. The Company has an extensive and growing movie library comprising of over 3,000 films, which include Hindi, Tamil, and other regional language films for home entertainment distribution. The Company also owns the rapidly growing OTT platform Eros Now. In 2015, 3 out of the top 4 box office films and 7 out of the top 15 box office films were from Eros. For further information, please visit:

About Pana Film

Pana Film is a leading film production company from Turkey that produces content for TV, cinema and digital new media, owned by Necati Şaşmaz, who reached a legendary status with his famous portrayal of the character Polat Alemdar. Their most famous brand Valley of the Wolves has been distributed to 47 countries and proved itself to be a hit in the MENA region. Famous Turkish stars as well as Andy Garcia, Gary Busey, Billy Zane and Sharon Stone appeared on the show throughout the years. Turkey has become the second highest exporter of TV series in the world, with Pana Film content being one of the most successful exports of the Turkish film industry.

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