Our Competitive Strengths

We are a leading co-producer and acquirer of new Indian film content, with an extensive film library.

As one of the leading participants in the Indian film entertainment industry we believe our size, scale and market position will continue contributing to our growth in India and internationally. We have established our size and scale by aggregating a film library of over 3,000 films. We have demonstrated our leading market position by releasing, internationally or globally, Hindi language films which were among the top grossing films in India in calendar years 2016, 2015 and 2014. We believe that we have strong relationships with the Indian creative community and a reputation for quality productions. We set up Trinity Pictures to become what we believe to be one of India’s first dedicated franchise studio that develops valuable intellectual property in the form of franchise films and have already commissioned two Indo-Chinese co-production films under the Trinity Pictures. We believe that these factors, along with our worldwide distribution platform, will enable us to continue to attract talent and film projects of a quality that we believe is one of the best in our industry, and build what we believe will continue to be a strong film slate in the coming years with some of the leading actors and production houses with whom we have previously delivered our biggest hits. We believe that the combined strength of our new releases and our extensive film library positions us well to build new strategic relationships.

Established, worldwide, multi-channel distribution network with entry proposed into China.

We distribute our films to the Indian population in India, the South Asian diaspora worldwide and to non-Indian consumers who view Indian films that are subtitled or dubbed in local languages. Internationally, our distribution network extends to over 50 countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom and throughout the Middle East, where we distribute films to Indian expatriate populations, and to Germany, Poland, Russia, Romania, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, China and Arabic and Spanish speaking countries, where we release Indian films that are subtitled or dubbed in local languages. China is increasingly becoming an important market and we expect to release selected successful films from our slate for wider release into China. We are also planning the release of our Indo-Chinese co-productions in Fiscal 2019 in India, China and the rest of the world. Through this global distribution network, we distribute Indian entertainment content over three primary distribution channels — theatrical, television syndication and digital and ancillary platforms. Our primarily internal distribution network allows us greater control, transparency and flexibility over the regions in which we distribute our films, which we believe results in the direct exploitation of our films without the payment of significant commissions to sub-distributors. Our digital presence – Eros Now, strategically positions us to a capture a large digital opportunity in India and globally and provides a new avenue to further monetize our content library.


Diversified revenue streams and pre-sale strategies mitigate risk and promote stable cash flow generation.

Our revenue model is diversified by three major distribution channels:

  • theatrical distribution;
  • television syndication; and
  • digital distribution and ancillary products and services, including Eros Now.

In fiscal 2017 our revenues from theatrical distribution accounted for nearly 39.9% of our aggregate revenues, revenues from television syndication accounted for 34.8% and digital distribution and ancillary revenues accounted for 25.3%, reflecting our diversified revenue base that reduces our dependence on any single distribution channel. We bundle library titles with new releases to maximize cash flows and we also utilize a pre-sale strategy to mitigate new production project risks by obtaining contractual commitments to recover a portion of our capitalized film costs through the licensing of television, music and other distribution rights prior to a film’s completion.

In addition, we further seek to reduce risk to our business by building a diverse film slate, with a mix of films by budget, region and genre that reduces our reliance on “hit films.” This broad-based approach also enables us to bundle old and new titles for our television and digital distribution channels to generate additional revenues long after a film’s theatrical release period is completed. We believe our multi-pronged approach to exploiting content through theatrical, television syndication and digital distribution channels, our pre-sale strategies and our portfolio approach to content sourcing and exploitation mitigates our dependence on any one revenue stream and promotes cash flow generation.


Strong brand with fast growing international reach

Theatrical Distribution Outside India: Outside India, we distribute our films theatrically through our offices in Dubai, Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Fiji and through sub-distributors in other markets. In our international markets, instead of focusing on wide releases, we select a smaller number of theaters that play films targeted at the expatriate South Asian population or the growing international audiences for Indian films. We generally theatrically release subtitled versions of our films internationally on the release date in India, and dubbed versions of films in countries outside India 12-24 weeks after their initial theatrical release in India sometimes after a long gap. In Russia, we recently partnered with Central Partnership, an affiliate of Gazprom Media, to promote, develop and distribute Indian and Russian content across multiple platforms in both countries. International Broadcasting Distribution: Outside of India, we license Indian film content to content aggregator to reach cable and pay TV subscriber and for broadcasting on major channels and platforms around the world, such as Channel 4 (U.K.), CCTV (China), MBC (Middle East), TV3 (Malaysia), Bollywood Channel (Israel), RTL2 (Germany), M Channel (Thailand) and National TV (Romania) amongst others. We also license dubbed content to Europe, Arabic and Spanish speaking countries and in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world. Often such licenses include not just new releases, but films grouped around the same star, director or genre. International pre-sales of television, music and other distribution rights are an important component of our overall pre-sale strategy. We believe that our international distribution capabilities and large library of content enable us to generate a larger portion of our revenue through international distribution.


Dynamic management of our film library

We have the ability to combine our new release strategy with our library monetization efforts to maximize our revenues. We believe our extensive film library provides us with unique opportunities for content monetization, such as our dedicated Eros content channel carried by various cable companies outside India. Our extensive film library provides us with a reliable source of recurring cash flow after the theatrical release period for a film has ended. In addition, because our film library is large and diversified, we believe that we can more effectively leverage our library in many circumstances by licensing not just single films but multiple films. The existence of high margin library monetization avenues especially in television and digital platforms reduce reliance on theatrical revenues.


Strong and experienced management team with established relationships with key industry participants.

Our management team has substantial industry knowledge and expertise, with a majority of our executive officers and executive directors having been involved in the film, media and entertainment industries for 20 or more years, and has served as a key driver of our strength in content sourcing. In particular, several members of our management team have established personal relationships with leading talent, production companies, exhibitors and other key participants in the Indian film industry, which have been critical to our success. Through their relationships and expertise, our management team has also built our global distribution network, which has allowed us to effectively exploit our content globally.