Our Market Place

We currently distribute our content to consumers in more than 50 countries, including in markets where there is significant demand for subtitled and dubbed Indian themed entertainment, such as Europe and South East Asia, as well as to markets where there is significant concentration of South Asian expatriates, such as the Middle East, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Our growth from non-diaspora international markets shows a growing appetite for Bollywood content in many new markets. One of our strongest potential markets, China, with a market size of $6.3 billion and almost 32,000 screens, is projected to soon surpass Hollywood as the largest film market in the world. We believe our memorandum of understanding to collaborate with China Film Corp., Shanghai Film Group Co. Ltd. and Fudan University Press Co. Ltd. To co-produce and distribute Sino-Indian films will be an important step in maximizing our opportunity in China. With Trinity’s launch, the studio is also expanding into new film markets, which includes entry into China. Two projects will be co-produced with a leading Chinese studio, based on stories organically weaving the socio-cultural worlds of India and China. Additionally, the films will be shot in both languages.

We intend to promote and distribute our films in additional countries, and further expand in countries where we already distribute, when we believe that demand for Indian filmed entertainment exists or the potential for such demand exists. We have also entered into arrangements with local distributors in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and China to distribute dubbed or subtitled Eros films through theatrical release, television broadcast or DVD release. Additionally, we believe that the general population growth in India experienced over recent years may eventually lead to increasing migration of Indians to other regions, resulting in increased demand for our films internationally.