Eros International serves one of the largest and growing television markets in the world by licensing high quality Indian film content to satellite television broadcasters operating in India. We believe that the increasing television audience in India creates new opportunities for us to license our film content, and expands audience recognition of the Eros name and film products. We license Indian film content (usually a combination of new releases and existing films in our library), to satellite television broadcasters operating in India. We have, directly or indirectly, licensed content for major Indian television channels such as Colors, Sony, the Star Network and Zee TV.

Outside of India, we license Indian film content for broadcasting on major channels and platforms around the world, such as Channel 4 (U.K.), CCTV (China), MBC (Middle East), TV3 (Malaysia), Bollywood Channel (Israel), RTL2 (Germany), M Channel (Thailand) and National TV (Romania) amongst others. We also license dubbed content to Europe, Arabic-speaking countries and in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world. Often such licenses include not just new releases, but films grouped around the same star, director or genre. .